Thursday, March 13, 2008


Sergi's enthusiasm for activity was never more apparent than yesterday when we went for a long hike around the hills between San Marcos and Encinitas and then up to the top of Double Peak. Much of the way we walked was on a single track dirt trail with bushes of blooming California Lilac all around. On a clear day from the summit you can see the observatory on Mount Palomar to the north, Iron Mountain to the east, Cowles Mountain to the south and Catalina to the west. The view takes your breath away.

Sergi was great about staying right behind me on the trail. Several times we had to bushwhack to get where we were going or climb up and down a steep hillside of loose rocks. He was always ready for the challenge and went everywhere with only the occasional slight coaxing. He was excellent about never pulling away from the leash after any of the critters we saw, he didn't chase anything and pretty much ignored the skittering noises and the quick glimpses of small furry things.

We started out around 10:30 in the morning, took a lunch break around 2:00 and headed for home just after 5:00 PM. As we started down the hill, I thought Sergi must be as tired as I was and we had both slowed our pace down considerably. Instead, he found a rivulet of water going down the hill and the sight of the running water re-energized him like a brand new puppy! He went nuts! His tail went up, his ears perked forward and chasing the water became his obsession.

That is, until he found the stink bug. Sergi has always shown a keen interest in bugs, though he has never met a stink bug before. And this was a laaaaarge stink bug. He sniffed it and tried to lick it. It tried to crawl away. He ran to the front of it and stopped it and tried to paw it and reached down with his nose to push it around. The bug was not happy — he assumed the position. The next thing you know, Sergi was backing off quickly, shaking his head, licking and pawing at his nose. Back by my side, he tried rubbing it off on my leg. A new lesson learned.

Stink Bug — 1, Sergi – 0.


ann said...

would this lovely bug work the same way a squirt of vinegar does???

Madison said...

Poor Sergi!

Erin & Midi Girl said...

Aww poor baby! I've had one pup try and eat a spider before...there was a lot of head tossing and gagging to say the